Jun 29 2008


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As I tour around to promote Bulletproof Faith, I’ll try to provide audio and video of the events for those who haven’t been able to catch me live yet!



  • July 10, 2008 – First public reading of Bulletproof Faith at the Alliance for Full Acceptance meeting in Charleston, S.C. Appeared with authors Sheila Morris and Ed Madden.

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  1. miapratton 10 May 2009 at 6:05 pm

    Although I am not gay, I consider myself an activist for gay rights, most particularly the right to embrace one’s faith of choice without discrimination. The face of bigotry is often hidden behind the face of misguided righteousness; this site offers hope to so many who might otherwise choose to simply refrain from spiritual expression rather than to face the harsh intolerance of those who seem to believe that spirituality, particularly Christianity, is reserved for only those who think, act, live and believe exactly as they do – a phenomenon I refer to as the “Christian Country Club” mentality. Someone said to me once, the Word is perfect, there is only one truth and everyone needs to abide by it. My response is that yes, the Word is perfect – but we are not, and so it is that our prejudices leak into the crystaline waters of love and pollute them with our own weakness. It is our weakness that makes us all brothers and sisters in humanity, and not our perfection. Therefore, we must each listen to that voice that whispers into our own ears and hearts until it drowns out all other voices, that we might hear the whispers of God above the angry shouts of those who claim to speak for him. Best wishes for you in your work.
    Mia Pratt

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