Mar 10 2009

Thanks SC Book Fest!

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I had a blast at the South Carolina Book Festival, February 27-March 1, 2009. Despite the rainy weather all weekend, I enjoyed hobnobbing with other authors. Wanda and I attended the pre-event party and ate and drank our fill while meeting new friends. The only thing we couldn’t do was eat the salmon – it still had the head on it. I don’t really care for my food staring at me while I eat it. Reminds me of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe when the cow comes to the table and talks about what succulent cuts of him you can order.

“Well, I’ll just go and off myself, now!” the cow says cheerily before leaving the table.

Yeah, Doug Adams can make me a vegetarian.

I spent Saturday morning on a panel with two incredible authors, Karen Spears Zacharias and Tiffany Warren.

Karen’s latest book, Where’s Your Jesus Now? Examining How Fear Erodes Our Faith is a great book for gay and lesbian readers. She explores how fear turns believers into followers of “Certainocity” – with their beliefs set in concrete in fear that they’ll miss out on God’s salvation. Those entrenched in their “certainocity” would rather bomb you than have a dialogue with you. This is just the kind of fear my book, Bulletproof Faith, seeks to help LGBT people confront. On the other side of the coin is our own fear that God won’t love or accept us as LGBT people – so we have our own form of “certainocity” that God is not for us, so we abandon our faith. Karen’s book is an excellent place to begin dialogue with evangelicals. In one chapter, Karen recounts her own struggle over her feelings about homosexuality. She comes down in a place that is open to dialogue and reconciliation. I am so fortunate to have met this amazing woman.

The other panelist was Tiffany Warren who is a Christian fiction writer. Her books are mainly romances and if I had not sat on this panel with her it would generally be a genre I’d never think to pick up. However, I could not put down her latest novel, The Bishop’s Daughter. The book tells the story of a confirmed player who travels from Cleveland to Atlanta to do an expose on a prominent pastor. What he finds is an incredible family – love with the Bishop’s daughter – and ultimately forgiveness. For someone, like me, who doesn’t really like fiction all that much – Tiffany’s writing is captivating. I’m a big fan in great dialogue, and Tiffany is a master. Get this book!

Well, after all the fawning like the fan I am – the panel we sat on was incredible. We all come from very different places about faith, but we found a lot of common ground and a lot to discuss despite our differences.

You can listen to the complete panel discussion here.

I also did a reading later in the day. You can hear that here.

For more pictures of the event go here.

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