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Oct 31 2008

New Interview: OutSmart Mag in Houston

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My good friend Neil Ellis Orts recently did an interview with me about the book for Houston’s OutSmart magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

Neil Ellis Orts: Bulletproof Faith grew out of workshops, right?
Candace Chellew-Hodge: In 1998, I wrote an article for Whosoever called “Spiritual Self-Defense for Gay and Lesbian Christians.” I took principals of physical self-defense and adapted them for spiritual self-defense. I likened it to the martial art of aikido, which has no kicks or punches. It’s all defensive moves so you can’t attack anyone, but if you’re attacked, you’re well prepared. So, the seed was planted in 1998, and shortly thereafter I developed a workshop around those ideas and presented it at several conferences around the country. People really got a kick out of it because I would incorporate some pop culture references like The Karate Kid and Xena, Warrior Princess.

Read the full interview here.

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Oct 30 2008

Echo Mag Article on Bulletproof Faith

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Echo Magazine in Phoenix, Arizona has done a nice article on the book. Here is an excerpt:

With that end in mind, Bulletproof Faith differs from other pro-GLBT books with a Christian theme. It eschews re-interpretations of Bible passages traditionally used to condemn homosexual behavior or relationships in favor of “spiritual survival” exercises designed deepen the reader’s experience of their personal relationship with God, as well as prepare themselves for the feelings that religious-based attacks on their sexual orientation bring up. One exercise introduces readers to the benefits of discovering their “authentic self” through prayer and meditation; another encourages readers to “surrender before battle” to the power and will of God.

Such exercises, Chellew-Hodge asserts, can help GLBT people “remove the hot buttons” in their psyche that lead them to react to hostile attacks with anger. The activities can also help readers separate their experiences of God from the beliefs and assertions of those who disagree with them.

“The imperative of the whole book is to live authentically and live as the people God has called us to be,” she said. “Your experience of God should never come from the words of someone else — bad or good.”

You can read it all here.

Maybe it’s the resolution on my screen, but my lips look really purple in the picture. I swear I’m not wearing lipstick!

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Oct 29 2008

Spirituality and Practice Review

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The Web site Spirituality and Practice has posted a great review of Bulletproof Faith on their Web site.

Here is an excerpt:

In this sane and spirited paperback, Chellew-Hodge presents a thoughtful and practical survival guide for those who are constantly under assault in a homophobic culture. To make it through, she advises, one needs to have a “bulletproof faith.” We know that we are in the good hands of a caring and compassionate Christian when she states in her acknowledgements: “To all my ‘enemies’ who condemn me, argue with me, and challenge me to delve deeper into my relationship with God and to develop a bulletproof faith I say, this book would have been impossible without you.”

Read the full review along with an excerpt over at their site.

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Oct 16 2008

Bulletproof Faith Guest Blogging

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The Reconciling Ministries Network of the United Methodist Church has been kind enough to allow me to guest blog over at their blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

First, let me offer an apology. I’m sorry there is even a need for my new book: Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians. I would have loved to have written a completely different book. Perhaps a feel-good self-help book, like the ones that have made Wayne Dyer a rich man, or perhaps one that celebrates the awe and wonder of being a follower of Christ – without having to distinguish between those followers based on something inconsequential to God, like their sexual orientation. But, because there is a faction of Christians who insist on making this distinction, there is a need for this book, and for that I’m sorry.

Check out the full post here!

Hat tip to Antony for the invite!

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Oct 10 2008

New Article on Bulletproof Faith

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The Free Times in Columbia, SC, has published an article on my new book, Bulletproof Faith.

Here’s an excerpt:

In her book, Chellew-Hodge outlines what she calls “spiritual self-defense.” She says it is important to discuss spirituality, but no one should feel the obligation to suffer insults, what she calls “verbal hit-and-runs.”

“We must be able to discern between the well-meaning person who hasn’t yet been educated in how to speak to us lovingly and the hateful bigot who doesn’t care about speaking lovingly,” she says.

She has gained a lot of practice in knowing one from the other. In 1996, Chellew-Hodge founded Whosoever, an online magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians. She has been getting a lot of mail ever since. Some letters have been sent with genuine care and concern. Others have been sent with death threats.

Check the full article out here.

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Oct 06 2008

Columbia, SC Book Signing

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Happy Bookseller logo

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 15. I’ll be at the Happy Bookseller on Forest Drive for a book signing beginning at 5 p.m.

The sad thing is, Happy Bookseller will be closing at the end of October. They, like too many independent bookstores around, have been unable to compete with the big box bookstores. It’s a shame that these local booksellers are getting shoved out of the market by the big boys. The local bookstore has a flavor that no big store can provide. It’s a shame to see Happy Bookseller closing up.

Take this last chance to enjoy a Columbia institution and get a copy of Bulletproof Faith all at the same time.

Hope to see you there!

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