May 19 2009

O’Reilly perpetuates gays v. God

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FOX “journalist” Bill O’Reilly, in a recent segment, again played the old media canard of “gays vs. God” – positing that the “Christian vote” would play in favor of Kris Allen winning American Idol over Adam Lambert who “might be gay.” To prove the charge of OMG! being gay – O’Reilly uses pictures of Lambert kissing other guys, but they are cropped so you don’t actually get the image of one guy’s lips touching another guy’s lips. O’Reilly’s show is during some people’s dinnertime after all, and we wouldn’t want mass vomiting around the nation, would we? Really.

Here’s a clip, if you can take it:

In Bulletproof Faith, I consistently argue that this “gays vs. God” is a false dichotomy, because religious arguments against gays and lesbians are not the other side of the issue – even though they may appear to be simply because they protest so loudly.

There is no “other side” to the gay issue anymore than there is another side the issue of whether the earth is round or flat. We know which one is right and those who think the earth is flat are looked upon with derision and pity.

Gay and lesbian people can be just as Christian as any straight person, and I would make a bet that there are plenty of gay Christians out there who are voting for Lambert in this competition. (Full disclosure: I don’t watch Idol, so I don’t really have a dog in the hunt on this one.)

In the end, though, I would hope that anyone who does watch Idol and is voting would vote for someone because they’re talented and is the best person in the competition. I don’t care if they pray at night or climb into bed with a person of the same or opposite gender.

O’Reilly and the rest of the right wing media will simply take any chance available to bash gays and lesbians. But, we know his words are a lie. There are plenty of gay and lesbian Christians out there – and their faith is both bullet – and O’Reilly – proof.

Update: The Advocate has comments from both Allen and Lambert:

Kris Allen: I hope that having the Christian vote does not help with anything. I hope it has to do with the talent and the performance that you give. It’s not about religion and all that kind of stuff.

Adam Lambert: This is a singing competition, not a church thing.

At the risk of interjecting “church” into the mix: Amen!

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