Dec 05 2008

UCC News Reviews Bulletproof Faith

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The folks at the United Church of Christ News bureau has written a very nice review of Bulletproof Faith. Check it out here:

Here’s an excerpt:

With much practical first-hand experience, recommended spiritual disciples and end-of-chapter spiritual survival tips, “Bulletproof Faith” entices readers beyond the verse quoting mentality of interpretive defense and toward cultivation of a positive – faith and experience based – proposition of GLBT rights.

“Bulletproof Faith” will not replace the many fine books aimed at biblical defense of GLBT issues. That isn’t its goal. Yet, it contains a good introduction to the biblical texts and provides enough information for those who want to given an answer, and a starting point for dialog, to those who question their backing of GLBT rights from a perspective of faith.

Check out the full review here.

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