Oct 10 2008

New Article on Bulletproof Faith

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The Free Times in Columbia, SC, has published an article on my new book, Bulletproof Faith.

Here’s an excerpt:

In her book, Chellew-Hodge outlines what she calls “spiritual self-defense.” She says it is important to discuss spirituality, but no one should feel the obligation to suffer insults, what she calls “verbal hit-and-runs.”

“We must be able to discern between the well-meaning person who hasn’t yet been educated in how to speak to us lovingly and the hateful bigot who doesn’t care about speaking lovingly,” she says.

She has gained a lot of practice in knowing one from the other. In 1996, Chellew-Hodge founded Whosoever, an online magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians. She has been getting a lot of mail ever since. Some letters have been sent with genuine care and concern. Others have been sent with death threats.

Check the full article out here.

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