Oct 30 2008

Echo Mag Article on Bulletproof Faith

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Echo Magazine in Phoenix, Arizona has done a nice article on the book. Here is an excerpt:

With that end in mind, Bulletproof Faith differs from other pro-GLBT books with a Christian theme. It eschews re-interpretations of Bible passages traditionally used to condemn homosexual behavior or relationships in favor of “spiritual survival” exercises designed deepen the reader’s experience of their personal relationship with God, as well as prepare themselves for the feelings that religious-based attacks on their sexual orientation bring up. One exercise introduces readers to the benefits of discovering their “authentic self” through prayer and meditation; another encourages readers to “surrender before battle” to the power and will of God.

Such exercises, Chellew-Hodge asserts, can help GLBT people “remove the hot buttons” in their psyche that lead them to react to hostile attacks with anger. The activities can also help readers separate their experiences of God from the beliefs and assertions of those who disagree with them.

“The imperative of the whole book is to live authentically and live as the people God has called us to be,” she said. “Your experience of God should never come from the words of someone else — bad or good.”

You can read it all here.

Maybe it’s the resolution on my screen, but my lips look really purple in the picture. I swear I’m not wearing lipstick!

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